Family Lease Signing
Family Lease Signing

Enter Stage Wright

Hello and welcome to the Lake Anna Vapes Family.  My name is Lenny Wright, president and founder of Lake Anna Vapes.  We hope you enjoy our website and thank you for visiting us!

The Lake Anna Vape story begins 10 years ago when I began vaping on the early e-cigs and pens that were first hitting the market in America.  Wow, ten years has brought huge changes to the vaping industry.  Health conditions and a struggling nicotine habit were the catalyst for the vision of a vape shop.  The dream of a vape shop did not come to fruition until myself and Joey Henschel, my future son-in-law,  began discussing business ideas on our way to the local pizzeria.  That was early in October of 2015.  The vision was literally dead in the water without the full support of my beautiful wife and soulmate of 38 years, Vickie Wright.  A good business plan developed by Joey and a wonderful Italian meal on Lake Anna sealed the deal for my wife.  Thank you sweetheart for catching the dream!  I have two awesome grown children.  Lance Wright, my firstborn who has a charming beautiful wife.  Say hi to Christina Wright.  We call her Chrissy.  Last but certainly not least is my loving daughter and future wife of Joey, Bridget Wright.; soon to be Mrs. Henschel.  That’s the Lake Anna Vapes family. 

We finalized our business organization on November 1st 2015 when we officially became Lake Anna Vapes LLC.  We are a Christian family in the heart of Lake Anna, Virginia.  Our logo, which was developed by Flourish Design Studios in Ithaca, N.Y. is a reflection of our faith and our belief that vaping is a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products.  The logo has a total of seven elements.  The number 7 is the number of perfection.  There are 3 water rings and 3 smoke rings and a flame.  In this presentation within our logo is the Genesis account and our belief in the Godhead.  So beyond the obvious vaping connotations there is embedded the spiritual beliefs of our family.  We don’t shove our beliefs down anyone’s throats but put forth just so you know us a little better and where we come from.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.  We definitely appreciate your business and want to serve you to the very best of our abilities.  Stop in and say hello either online or in person.  You’ll feel Wright at home away from home.